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Full Resource - Fieldwork Activities

Environmental Field Activities

The following activities can be implemented as part of a unit of work or used as a one off activity. Many are particularly useful for home learning and can be used in a variety of environments including the home backyard. The majority of activities can be adjusted to be used over all stages. 

Environmental I Spy -  Using the letters of the alphabet students use their observation skills to identify different features and elements of the environment. A theme can also be applied to this activity. For example: mini beasts, insects, living and nonliving. 

Environmental I Spy

Five Senses Scavenger Hunt - Based on the five senses, students explore their surrounding environment. This demonstrates the importance of using all senses and not just observation skills to tune in with their environment.

Five Senses Scavenger Hunt 

Bush Treasure Hunt - A great introduction to a natural environment. Can also be used for home learning in a nearby bush setting. Encourages students to use their observation skills to locate a range of natural objects. 

Bush Treasure Hunt

Nature Treasure Hunt - Similar to the Bush Treasure Hunt which encourages students to explore the natural world.

Nature Treasure Hunt

Open Your Eyes - Photo Challenge- Students use their photography skills to capture a range of environmental features as per the categories. This can be adjusted to suit different environments and different focuses. 

Open Your Eyes

‘Biodiverse’ Tree - This activity aids to consolidate or introduce students’ understanding of biodiversity. Students are encouraged to collect a range of different leaves from their local environment and incorporate into an art activity.  A magnifying glass is a great tool to use with this activity. Encourage students to look closely at the different features of the leaves.

Biodiverse Tree

My Special Place: Suited for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students. This activity encourages students to identify their special place in the environment using their five senses.

My Special Place

Nature’s Orchestra - A group activity where students develop their own musical instruments from natural materials.

Nature's Orchestra

Natural Orchestra

One Hand Hunt - A quick introductory activity for an outdoor science lesson. This encourages students to immerse themselves in the natural environment.

One Hand Hunt

My Magnificent Tree - This activity encourages students to observe a selected tree taking careful note of its features.

My Magnificent Tree

Living and Nonliving Scavenger Hunt - A fun scavenger hunt for ES1 and S1 students. Great for reinforcing students’ understanding of living and nonliving.

Living and Nonliving Scavenger Hunt