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Full Resource - Willandra Lakes: Lake Mungo

Full Resource - Willandra Lakes: Lake Mungo

Learning Intentions:

WALT - Understand what makes places around the world special.

WALT - Understand how places have changed over time.

WALT - Develop our research skills to answer specific questions.


  1. Watch the video about the Willandra Lakes

  2. Watch the animation about how Lake Mungo has changed over time.

  3. Visit the website to learn more about Mungo National Park

  4. Answer the questions in the assignment

Expanding Vocabulary:

  • Semi arid - A type of environment that receives a small amount of rain, enough for some plants and animals to survive. 

  • World Heritage Site - a natural or man-made site, area, or structure recognised as being of outstanding international importance and therefore as deserving special protection.

  • Artefact - A tool or item that has been made by a human. These can give us a hint about what life was like in the past.