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Farm Yard Shelters - Stage 1 Material World Unit

Farm Yard Shelters 

Off to the Farm with Farmer Brown! Students will investigate shelters and materials that are used on a farm to protect the animals. Students will design and build an animal shelter for Farmer Brown’s Farm that can protect an animal against various weather conditions. Then they will test their shelters and make sure they survive wind and rain conditions and keep their animals dry!

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Key Inquiry Questions

  • What shelters do animals need to live on a farm? 

  • What do we need to consider when designing our shelter?

  • What types of animals are we needing/wanting to protect?

  • What types of weather conditions and climates are they exposed to?


ST1-7MW-T – describes how the properties of materials determine their use

ST1-2DP-T – uses materials, tools and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity 

ST1-1WS-S – observes, questions and collects data to communicate and compare ideas 


Students will:

  • Investigate materials used in shelter design 

  • Learn about animals that live on a farm

  • Design and create their own shelter

  • Test their design against weather conditions and justify their choice of materials

Farm yard shelter

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