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Living and Nonliving - Full Lesson

Living and Non living

Students have fun exploring their surroundings and identifying living and nonliving things. Using hoops and their senses students investigate and classify objects around them. Enjoy this activity at home or when visiting the Gol Gol School Immersion Centre!


Key Inquiry Questions:

  • How can we know if something is living or not living?

  • What characteristics do living things have?

  • What living things are around us?



STe-1WS-S – observes, questions and collects data to communicate ideas

STe-3LW-ST – explores the characteristics, needs and uses of living things


Students will:

  • Learn about the characteristics and needs of living things. 

  • Recognise that living things have basic needs including air, food and water. 

  • Apply their learning by investigating living things around them.

Sorting activity

Living and Nonliving Lesson Plan

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