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Makers Empire Bee Project - Stage 2

Makers Empire Bee Garden Project

The Makers Empire project was developed after Gol Gol Public School expressed a desire to attract Native Bees back to the area. One class from each grade are working on the long term project where students use Design Thinking Skills which involve empathising with the problem, researching native bees and brainstorming what 3D prints students could design and print and send to Gol Gol. Students had to define the problem and think critically about possibilities such as bee feeders or bee hotels. They researched the size and variations of Native Bees in the area and how best to attract them to the natural surroundings. This project enabled students to work to solve a real-world problem and continuously develop ideas and designs after student led research and questioning. Students worked collaboratively and shared ideas and solutions. They learnt to provide constructive feedback and apply feedback offered by their class and students across the school. Classes are also offered the opportunity to buddy up with another class from a different grade and provide feedback. Students are motivated and interested in the project as they knew their designs would be 3D printed at our school and sent to be tested at Gol Gol. Modifications have been recommended by Gol Gol and Carlingford West students have made the changes to their designs on the Makers Empire app and reprinted to best suit the needs of the project, ensuring a successful outcome and a return of  Native bees to the area. This is an ongoing project.

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ST2-14B E- Identifies factors that impact on products and services to meet community needs and consider sustainability.

ST2-16P- Investigates the suitability of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment for a range of purposes

3D Printed Bee Hotel

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