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Traditional Aboriginal Culture and Shelter Building - Across Stage Content

Traditional Way of Life and Shelters building

Immerse your students in hands-on activities, exploring the traditional way of life of the Aborigianal Peoples. An Aboriginal Elder will share their knowledge and experience with the  students, guiding them through their learning. Students rotate through a variety of different activities such as shelter building and traditional weaving.

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Key Inquiry Questions

  • How did the Aboriginal People live off the land?

  • How did the Aboriginal Peoples us use natural resources to survive?

  • What can we learn from the Aboriginal Peoples way of life?

Outcomes: These and more...

ST1-7MW-T describes how the properties of materials determine their use.

ST2-7MW-T investigates the suitability of natural and processed materials for a range of purposes.

GE2-2 describes the ways people,places and environments Interact

GE2-3 examines differing perceptions about the management of places and environments

GE3-3 compares and contrasts influences on the management of places and environments

HT1-2 identifies and describes significant people, events, places and sites in the local community over time

Students will:

  • Build traditional style shelters

  • Cooking johnny cakes at the campfire area

  • Look at Aboriginal tools and use grinding stones

  • Investigate fish nets and take part in traditional weaving activities

Traditional Shelters

Fish Traps

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