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Adaptations of the Gol Gol Region

Become an environmental scientist at Gol Gol environmental centre! Discover the unique plants and animals that live in this beautiful area and how they have adapted to this environment. Investigate how plants like the Mallee Tree survive in dry, arid conditions. Look closely at features of insects and create their own insect using natural materials. An immersive unit designed to link city schools to the environment of the Gol Gol region.

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Key Inquiry Questions

  • How are animals and plants adapted to live in the Gol Gol region?

  • What scientific language can I use to describe animals and plants?

  • What features of plants and animals allow them to survive in this region?

ST3-1WS-S - Plans and conducts scientific investigations to answer testable questions, and collects and summarises data to communicate conclusions

ST3-4LW-S - examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things

Students will:

  • Investigate features of animals and plants that allow them to live in the Gol Gol region

  • use scientific language to describe animals and plants

  • expresses opinions and makes claims that can be backed up by science

Mallee Tree

Sturt Desert Pea

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