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River of Life

River of Life

How is Food and Fibre produced in Australia? Can we be more sustainable in how we produce food and fibre? Students will make links to the Murray Darling region in Australia and learn about the industries that produce our food and fabrics. Students will talk with farmers in the Gol Gol region and learn about the importance of these industries using sustainable practices. Students will apply this understanding by developing an idea to keep our waterways clean for the future.

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Key Inquiry Questions

  • How is food and fibre produced in Australia?

  • Why is it important for food and fibre to be produced sustainably?

  • What are the global sustainable goals and how are they important?

  • How did aboriginal people grow grain sustainably?

Key syllabus Outcomes

ST3-5LW-T– explains how food and fibre are produced sustainably in managed environments for health and nutrition 

Students will:

  • Learn about primary industries in Australia

  • Talk with real farmers via Zoom and video calls

  • Investigate the importance of the Murray river and how we can sustainable manage water usage

Local Orange Growers

Grapes from the Gol Gol area

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