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Thampaka Dig


An Archaeological Dig

Students work alongside archaeologist Emma Oliver and Barkandji Elders to discover evidence of the past, life-like fossils of the megafauna that once roamed our local area and links to Mungo Lakes. 

The importance of cultural respect is highlighted throughout the dig. Students ask permission from the Barkandji People and return their discoveries upon completion. 

Key Inquiry Questions

  • How can we identify past life?

  • How can we be respectful to Peoples when investigating the land?

  • What features can we identify from looking at past life?

Key syllabus Outcomes

GE3-2 explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

GE3-3 compares and contrasts influences on the management of places and environments

GE3-1 describes the diverse features and characteristics of places and environments

Students will:

  • Take part in an archaeological dig

  • Discuss the cultural aspects of research based digs

  • Identify life-like fossils and identify them using research techniques

Archaeologist Emma Oliver overseeing the dig, along side Barkanji Elders.

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